About the Event

Welcome to India’s biggest Festival dedicated to Earth, Environment, Ahimsa, Sustainability, Compassion, and Health, advocating a Cruelty-free lifestyle.

Our Mission

YVCare Earth Festival aims to connect, inspire and facilitate sustainable transformation.

The Festival offers a memorable experience and creates awareness on Sustainability, Environment, Health, and Ethical living.

Why Visit YVCareEarth Festival?

Get ready for an extraordinary experience at India’s largest YVCare Earth Festival – the ultimate platform for producers, retailers, and manufacturers of cruelty-free food, clothing, accessories, and cosmetics to showcase their products. Being the biggest Festival and one of its kind, YVCare Earth Festival connects you with sustainable and cruelty-free brands and gives you the opportunity to showcase your latest ethical products and innovations.

The Festival will be focused on various aspects, with a particular focus on amazing food, confectionery, desserts, ice cream, fine bakery, and many other cruelty-free food products.

Yes, you heard us right – all cruelty-free and sustainable food items. Here’s your chance to explore many different sustainable, cruelty-free options and products in food, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, luxury brands, health products and much more.

Whether you’re looking to try out amazing food, shop for ethical products, expand your network, establish your brand, or broaden your trade circle across the globe, YVCare Earth Festival is the place to be.

Join us at YVCare Earth Festival on the 28th and 29th of October 2023 and explore the lifestyle that makes you live your core values of being compassionate, kind, and eco-friendly.


Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your ethical business to new heights. Participating in the 2-Day YVCareEarth Festival offers an expanded platform and increased market exposure. Capture the hearts of consumers by presenting your products and facilitating sales. Anticipate a footfall of over 10,000 individuals daily. Seize this chance to connect with a broader audience.

What’s in store for you

Over 200 edible and lifestyle products and businesses in one place along with informative and inspirational speakers around the world.

  • 120+ Stall selling cruelty-free products –

Cruelty-free food items; Snacks, Pizza, Pasta, Beverages, Bhel, Chat, Biryani, Cakes, Ice-creams, and many other desserts

From personal care products to home products, cosmetics, accessories, clothing, and lifestyle brands; you will find it all under one roof.

  • 50+ Talks by amazing personalities on Health, Fitness, Environment, Climate change,
  • Free Workshops on Climate change, sustainability, and other Environmental related themes.
  • Renowned Doctors in the field of Medicine giving educative free lectures on health and medicine – Continuous two-day sessions by Medical Doctors related to health and Nutrition.
  • Live Cooking workshops – Learn Cruelty-free and healthy cooking.
  • Live Performances by Artists in the Evenings
  • Health and Fitness Coaches giving talks on Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Mind and Muscle building.

Be a part of #YVCareEarth Festival for an enriching and fun experience!